Category: Vol. 3 No 7

Contribution of islamic microfinance in financing social entrepreneurship: A review of the literature

Auteur 1 : Mourad BAOCHIAuteur 2 : Rahhal LAHRACH Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, Adoption, Islamic finance, Islamic microfinance, Financing. Abstract: Social entrepreneurship is considered as a private initiative aiming at the collective interest, adopting an entrepreneurial approach to satisfy economic and social objectives, without seeking maximum…

Social Entrepreneurship Education: A systematic review of curricula contents and teaching methods

Auteur 1: Hajar ALOURHZAL,Auteur 2: Anas HATTABOU Keywords: Social entrepreneurship education, SE courses, teaching methods, entrepreneurship education, Social entrepreneurship. Abstract: Social entrepreneurship education is one of the fastest-growing subject areas in the world. Despite these developments, scholars and practitioners are far from reaching a consensus…

Auteur 1 : Anass TOUIL,
Auteur 2 : Zakaria BENJOUID,
Auteur 3 : Aziz BABOUNIA


COVID-19; public finance; spatial econometrics; financial resources; regions.


The aim of this article is to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on public finances in different regions of Morocco. Therefore, we have discussed the role of regions as real partners of regional and local development in the fight against epidemics and national disasters. The method used is spatial econometrics to take into account the geographical location. Thus, the results obtained confirm the positive and significant impact of the variables “hospitalization rate by region and total expenditure by region” on the endogenous variable “total resources by region”, which means that the regions have invested financial resources during this delicate period characterized by the emergence of COVID-19.



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)