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Development Designs and the Stake in Integrating Suburbs into the Urban Agglomeration: the Suburbs of the Cities of Fez and Meknes- Morocco

Auteur 1 : EL ALAOUI KHALID,Auteur 2 : SGHIR SAID, Keywords : Urbanization documents – Urban Planning – Development Designs –Suburb Abstract: Urbanization documents are of paramount importance, for constituting the legal framework for urban planning, and being the basic tool for organizing the space and…

Impact of the quality of service in the satisfaction and profitability of a company: Case of the Club Hotel of Lake Tanganyika

Auteur 1 : NIYONGABO Thomas,Auteur 2 : BUNANI Grégoire, Keywords : quality; service; satisfaction; profitability; hotel. Abstract: This article analyzes the impact of service quality on the satisfaction and profitability of a hotel business. This study, which is based on a theoretical and qualitative approach, aims…

The reality of the territorial governance in the Moroccan mountainous regions: the Tichoukt Massif as case of study

محمد أوشرو : 1 Auteurيوسف بالحاج : 2 Auteur Keywords : territorial governance, actors, Tichoukt massif, strategies, territorial foresight Abstract: The Moroccan mountains offer unique zones of biological and cultural diversity, yet mostof their inhabitants suffer from poverty and vulnerability, and their ecosystems are highlyvulnerable…

The Current Status of Moroccan Working Women in Healthcare Services: A Comparative Study between Public and Private Sectors, Kenitra as a case study

Auteur 1 : Mustapha LAHROUZAuteur 2 : Badreddine DAHOUAuteur 3 : Naima BENLARABI Keywords : Moroccan Feminism, Working Women, Gender Equality, Health Sector Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the current status of working women inhealthcare services in Kenitra through a comparative…

Auteur 1: BELKADI Issam,
Auteur 2: ABOUCH Mohamed,

Keywords :

Performance – Banks – CAMEL approach – Morocco.


The current global economic environment has become increasingly risky and competitive.
Morocco, which is not immune to global changes in all sectors, needs a strong economy to cope
with any changes. In general, the financial system is a key factor in economic growth. This
explains the prudential reforms that the Moroccan banking sector has undergone over the last
years. The reforms presented by the circulars of Bank Al-Maghrib, in cohesion with the
international recommendations of the Basel Committee (Basel 1, Basel 2 and Basel 3).
Given the importance of the banking system for the economy of a country, it is appropriate to
evaluate the financial performance of banks. The present paper establishes a performance
ranking of Moroccan banks listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange (AWB – BCP – BMCI –
BOA – CDM and CIH) for the period 2008-2018 by calculating the various ratios (capital
adequacy – asset quality – management quality – profits – liquidity) that constitute the CAMEL



Vol. 3 No 5 (2021)