Author: African scientific journal

The effect of geographic proximity on the interactions of economic actors in The Economic Activity Zones

Auteur 1 : SAMADI AsmaaAuteur 2 : ACHELHI Hicham Keywords: Proximity, interactions, cooperations, geographical proximity, organized proximity, economic activity zone Abstract : The space is a facilitator of proximity, especially when institutional proximity is poorly shared between economic actors. Firms located in the same geographical area…

Auteur 1 : Mohamed HAISSOUNE (Doctorat d’Etat)

Auteur 2 : Ilias IZIKI


Financing the economy – Islamic finance – Participatory finance. – SMEs.


SMEs are the core of the Moroccan economy, they represent a large part of the country’s economic fabric and considerably participate in employment, value creation and economic growth. However, SMEs are exposed tovarious obstacles that they need to deal with, especially in terms of financing.

Islamic finance isrecently established in Morocco. It improves the financial market and offers new financial instruments that are designed based on commercial and partnership interactions with the company. Therefore, Islamic finance brings back hope to the SMEs that expect to find in this new form of financing ways to address the problems they face. This article’saimis not only to provide aclear understanding of the Moroccan Islamic finance model, but also, to high light the difficulties encountered by Moroccan SMEs in terms of conventional financing and, to capture what SMEs’s managers think about the Islamic financing.



Vol. 3 No 9 (2021)