Auteur 1 : Houda EL FERACHI,

Auteur 2 : Mounia CHERKAOUI,

Keywords :

Vocational choice, Personality, Decision process


Vocational choice is subject to research in several disciplines and is of interest to those working in educational sciences, as well as those in marketing and psychology. It is a matter of individual and professional motivation and guides the decisions regarding the choice of majors and institutions. This analytical review of literature lies at the intersection of two disciplines: consumer behavior and psychology. Our objective is to present and analyze the different methods used to measure the influence of personality on vocational choice, in order to generate the contributions of each method and their overall perspectives for future research in this field. We have selected 28 articles based on four criteria: recency, field of study, the population under study, and the isolation of personality as an independent variable, while excluding work that focuses on interest and / or demographic variables. From the results, we observed a fragmented and atheoretical literature; specific and focused research; and research concentrated in developed countries with a prevalence of quantitative methods. A discussion of the above-stated results as well as their perspectives and implications for future research are presented at the end.



Vol. 3 No 8 (2021)