Auteur 1 : YOUSSOUF Ali Bamba,
Auteur 2 : ELHACHLOUFI Mostafa

Keywords  :

 Islamic finance; financial inclusion; financial service; banking; development.


This study aims to show the influence of Islamic finance on financial inclusion. It was done by a comparative study between countries with a good indicator of development of Islamic finance (North African countries) and those without (West African Economic and Monetary Union) over the period from 2011 to 2020. In this regard, a parametric Student’s t-test is performed to carry out this comparison. This test compares two independent samples. The results confirm our hypothesis that Islamic finance contributes to financial inclusion.

Furthermore, these results show the added value that this financial system can bring to these countries and open up the literature for future research in the same field. As Islamic finance is still in its infancy in these countries, the literature is sparse and the work that has been done on the subject is limited to theory. However, these shortcomings make this study original.



Vol. 3 No 8 (2021)