Auteur 1 : ANNAJI Hassane,
Auteur 2 : ZAHOUANI Chadia
Auteur 3 : OUAZZANI Ahmed

Keywords :

Foreign direct investment, spillovers, human capital, economic growth.


This article aims to highlight the interaction between FDI, human capital and economic
growth. For this purpose, we have reviewed 50 articles that discuss the impact of foreign direct
investment on economic growth, in the presence of human capital as a catalyst for this impact.
Analysis of this literature has shown us that FDI contributes positively to the economic growth
of host countries. Nevertheless, this positive impact is conditioned by the existence of a
sufficiently qualified level of human capital, and depends on several factors such as the
technological gap between the country of origin and the host country, the nature and the origin
of FDI and the development level of the host country



Vol. 3 No 8 (2021)