Auteur 1 : SIRAGI Fatima Ezzahra

Auteur 2 : FAHMI Sanaa

Auteur 3 : BENCHRIFA Hanaa

Keywords :

Innovation, Innovative work behavior, Career anchor, entrepreneurial creativity


This article highlights the impact of employees’ career orientations (or more specifically Schein’s career anchors (1968, 1978, 1990)) on innovative work behavior within the firm, especially the technical innovation among engineers. The aim is to analyze the determinants of innovation behavior at the individual level, based on employees’ career orientations.

Based on Schein’s theory of career anchors (1968, 1978, 1990), we have proposed a research model that integrates the career anchors that would determine innovation behavior at the individual level, as well as the complementary anchors that are likely to moderate the link between both anchors “entrepreneurial creativity” and “technical competence” at one end ; and innovative behavior on the other end.



Vol. 3 No 8 (2021)