Auteur 1 : ETTAIBI Mohamed,
Auteur 2 : MOKHTARI Bouchaib,

Keywords :

supply chain transformation; competitiveness; knowledge sharing, Industry 4.0; ecosystemic context.


In the context of the new economy, the new vectors of competitiveness of companies in the aeronautics industry organized within the efficient ecosystems (ESP) will be based more on knowledge. These are Industry 4.0 and the de-carbonization of production based on knowledge management (KM). These two levers will be the foundations of the future transformation of the aeronautical supply chain. For their implementation on Moroccan aeronautical platforms, we propose the establishment of a new generation of cross-functional ecosystems as part of a new Industrial Acceleration Plan 2.0. Starting from the Industrial Acceleration Plan (2014-2020), we will make our proposal based on a knowledge management approach. To do so, we will adopt an interpretive epistemological posture. Our methodological approach will be qualitative. Our study will be in line with an exploratory perspective. Based on a specialized documentary research and a non-probabilistic sample of 17 partners, the objective of this article is to present the results of this preparatory study. For the time being, these results are only the highlighting of the investigation axes of a doctoral research in preparation. It will focus on the problem of the transformation of the supply chain through knowledge in an ecosystemic context. 



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)