Auteur 1 : KSOURI ridha,

Keywords :

Phytosanitary; risk; environment; health; security

Abstract :

The use of phytosanitary products by farmers in small farms is necessary to obtain a satisfactory yield. The application of these products can affect the health and safety of the farmer and consumers. This effect will be greater if farmers are not well trained and sensitized to these types of hazards. The behavior of farmers, and their use of phytosanitary products, can result in environmental pollution. Our contribution is to confirm or deny the hypothesis that the phytosanitary practices adopted by farmers in the northern region of Nabeul have a negative impact on their health and safety and on the environment. In this context, an exploratory survey was carried out among 42 farmers owning small farms located in the northern region of the governorate of Nabeul. We used SPSS software as well as statistical tools (graphs, frequency tables, etc.). We recommended the application of good practices in the use of plant protection products. These good practices are inspired by international management standards for occupational health and safety and the environment.



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)