Keywords :

Assortment, Retail, Trade, Traditional trade, Morocco

Abstract :

The traditional trade occupies an important place in the Moroccan economy; it is a sector in strong growth at the level of the creation of wealth and employment opportunities. The support of the State was enormous, through a program of development of trade and distribution named RAWAJ. Launched in 2008, the results of this program remain unnoticed. Faced with the competition of modern distribution, traditional trade still resists, it is in a situation to find itself, a path to growth and modernization from its own means. The assortment of the traditional retailer is an important factor in attracting customers and making the outlet profitable, when a traditional outlet is profitable, it finds the means to move from a traditional to a modern convenience store. The objective of this article is to answer a fundamental question: Does a wide and deep assortment attract customers and thus contribute to the profitability of a sales outlet? The methodology on this axis of research thus consists in the realization of a survey on the ground through a standard sample to check the hypothesis of the relation between the assortment and the choice of the selling point. It should be recalled that this article is just one axis of a research on traditional trade in Morocco between imperatives of modernization and structural dysfunction.



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)