Auteur 1 : HOUMID-BENNANI Anas,

Keywords :

economic growth, war, armed conflicts, literature review.

Abstract :

In view of the great disparity in the growth rates of the economies, however supposedly convergent by the economic theories of notoriety, as well as the persistence of several wars centers around the globe, this article, based on a review of literature composed of 7 books and 30 articles published in the main international economic journals, aims to shed light on the way in which the relationship between wars and the growth process is understood. Our analysis allowed us, first of all, to note that this relationship only started to interest the economic community recently. Then, that the theoretical economic literature and that of empirical one are unanimous as for the catastrophic consequences of the wars “internal” or “civil wars” on all the aspects of the life, particularly on the economic sector, but this unanimity is shaken when it comes to effects on the growth of external wars and especially wars of “conquest”, in particular as regards the effect on the growth dynamics of defense spending.



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)