Auteur 1 : Abdou-Karim KOBRE,
Auteur 2 : OUATTARA Yéfongnigui Arthur Constant,

Keywords :

downgrading; labor market; young graduate; Logit


This study examines the occupational downgrading of young graduates during their first job in Burkina Faso in the civil service and the formal and informal private enterprises. A logit model was implemented using data from a survey conducted in March 2020 among graduates working in 118 structures (civil service, public establishments, state-owned companies, formal and informal private companies). The results show that downgrading is a function of the level of the degree. The higher the level of the diploma, the more effective the downgrading. However, downgrading is less with a doctorate degree, whose functions are generally of a very high level. The study also showed that variables such as age, level of training, job status, father’s level of education, type of contract, job status, and company status have a significant influence on the probability of being downgraded in Burkina Faso.



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)