Auteur 1 : LAHRACH Rahhal
Auteur 2 : MOUMNI Basma
Auteur 3 : TAMOUH Nadia


Entrepreneurship, Education, Entrepreneurial skills, Impact, Students


Certainly, the teaching of Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the current trend in academic research. However, providing Entrepreneurship courses seems to be not enough to achieve the desired goals. It is of paramount importance to measure the impacts of these trainings as a step to verify the various changes created among the participants in the Entrepreneurial trainings in an attempt to readjust the teaching approaches with the targeted objectives. Therefore, we opted for a post positivist to conduct our study, and we evaluated the impact of entrepreneurship education among 306 students from Mohammed I University through a questionnaire based on a self-assessment of acquired skills. Indeed, our study differs from similar work by the method of measurement adopted. Instead of opting for an academic evaluation by the teacher of the skills before and after the training, we preferred to measure the feeling of self-efficacy of the student, because the latter represents a key element to the entrepreneurial act. At the end of this work, we noticed that the students present an Entrepreneurial intention, but with different time horizons. While for skills, it appears that activity planning and creativity are the most common skills, which are present among participants, in contrast to the calculation of financial needs, the detection of opportunities and risk management, which are most regretted.



Vol. 3 No 7 (2021)