Auteur 1 : Fahmi Sanaa
Auteur 2 : Touati Sarah


Place branding, place marketing, territorial competitiveness, territorial


In recent years, the phenomenon of creating place branding has become a strategic decision that concerns cities, regions and even countries. It has been an active research trend since the late 1990s (Anholt, 2010), and it has specifically focused on cities (city branding) (Kavaratzis, 2004; Virgo and Chernatory, 2006). This article highlights the stakes of place branding as well as the challenges to be overcome by this strategy, in the context of an emerging country such as Morocco, through the case study of Casablanca as a metropolitan city. The main aim is to study the degree of success of strategies led by local actors to implement the “We Casablanca” place brand in order to promote territorial competitiveness. Firstly, this paper uses an exploratory qualitative methodology based on individual semidirective interviews addressed to a target composed by territorial actors in order to understand the challenges of the place branding. The results have implications for research in territorial branding in general and for the place branding management of Casablanca in particular. By focusing on the constraints faced by the Casablanca metropolitan brand management of “We Casablanca,” we intend to suggest a number of proposals that could contribute to the development of the place branding of this city.



Vol. 3 No 6 (2021)