Auteur 1 : AL MOUHANI Zouhair,
Auteur 2 : AMZIL Roumaissae,
Auteur 3 : ACHELHI Hicham,
Auteur 4 : BOUNID Samira,


Strategic alliances, cooperation, performance, success factors, geographic proximity networks.


Strategic alliances as a choice for implementation and strategic expansion have attracted the interest of strategy researchers as an ideal choice towards a better entrepreneurial future. As a result, researchers have focused over the past decades on the key success factors of alliances as ingredients for a successful recipe to ensure efficient steering of allied entities. The objective of our research paper is to exploit the results of our predecessors and to re-exploit them in the current context of pandemic and global economic crisis, with the aim of analyzing each key factor of alliance success and defining its level of contribution to the creation of a successful alliance. Our analysis will be done via a literature review in the first part, and a case study with ten representatives of networks of geographical proximity in the second part. In order to determine which factors are contributory and which are supportive, taking into consideration the impact of the context before and after covid-19.



Vol. 3 No 6 (2021)