Auteur 1 : NABOUK Mohamed


technical analysis, fundamental analysis, MASI index, volatility, PER (price earning ration.


The advocates of the efficient market theory that it is impossible to beat the market no matter what method you use: technical analysis or fundamental analysis. Both types of analysis advocate the opposite. Thus, technical analysis proposes to predict market movements while fundamental analysis proposes to look for the possible ones between intrinsic value and value. In this period of market turbulence characterized by the COVID-19 pandemic, both analyzes, technical and fundamental, find a very fertile field for developing stock market investment strategies. In this context, our article will first look at the impact of this crisis on the stock market in terms of volume, volatility and valuation level. Then, to define the appropriate analysis for investing in the Moroccan stock market and finally to ask the question: is the stock market correctly over-valued in this context of a pandemic?



Vol. 3 No 6 (2021)