Auteur 1 : EL AKHAOUANE Khaoula,
Auteur 2 : HAMADI Chakib,


Digital addiction, FOMO, Compulsive buying, Post-purchase regret.


The purpose of this research is to study the relationship between digital addiction and FOMO in the first place, as well as triptych, compulsive buying, on one hand, increased consumer and post-purchase regret on the other hand with the FOMO phenomenon. The growth of online social networks has made it possible to offer consumers many other online activities. In this context, the notion of digital addiction emerged, although having no consensus as to its nosological existence, is recognized by most addictologists, and has been the subject of numerous studies, attempts of explanations and classifications. The emergence of online social networks affects people in different ways. People may be afraid to miss out opportunities (FOMO), which can be considerate as an obsessive-compulsive disorder and which is a real Internet addiction. This reflection, which was the basis of our work, makes it possible to confirm that FOMO, a consequence of digital addiction influences the compulsive purchases of increased consumers, and that there is a relationship between FOMO and post-purchase regret



Vol. 3 No 6 (2021)