Auteur 1 : اتبر هشام


geo-morphological diversity, local economy, hemp plantation,social behavior


The two groups of Abriksha and Asjen, are a mountainous region characterized by geomorphological and ecological diversity. Due to the transitional location of the two groups, between the high mountains of the Rif and the hills of the front Rif, has made it a massive area in which the mountains dominate by 38% in each of the twogroups. The weakness of the local economy also contributed to the two groups degradation, due to their dependence on the agricultural sector, which is characterized by its low profitability, and in the face of demographic growth and limited natural resources, forcing the people of the region to search for new resources that made them accept the cultivation of “Hemp” weed, which had entered the two groups in the late 1990s.The thing that directly contributed to changing the parameters of the agricultural landscape and affected the social and economic behavior of the two groups’ residents. In addition to the deterioration of forest and the soil became more erosive, as for the economic level, it was represented by a rise in the income of families that deal in agriculture and a rise in the price of real estate, with regard to the social level, there has been less teamwork and more conflict over water. In the face of this critical situation, it is necessary to think about the rehabilitation of naturel resources and attention to the economic, social and environmental aspect of the two groups.



Vol. 3 No 6 (2021)