Auteur 1 : Asmaa FARAH,

Keywords :

Work-family balance,Family Friendly Practices, HR Practices, HRM, Morocco JEL Classification: M12 Personnel Management, Executives. Executive Compensation


The interest in work-life interface is due to several sociodemographic changes in the world : feminization of work, increase in homogamy, struggle for gender equality. During last years, generational expectations confirm this interest. The Generation Y employees ask for more than linear and hierarchical progression within the organization, they want to have a lifestyle allowing them to balance their existence between work, family,leisure …Work seems to be less central to their lives ! (Jean M. Twenge ,2013) In Morocco, many of those changes took place in last decades. In this context we tought that it is important to underestand the place of work-family interface in Morroco. Our study has the aim to understand the societal changes which impact the work-life interface and to explore if companies take this issue in consideration. By this paper we are exploring the situation of the work-family interface through an analysis of the organizational and societal changes. Since the aim of this study is comprhensive, an inductive and interpretative approach is appropriate (Yin 2003). The study was based in a qualitative design and interpretitive approcah (Sandberg, 2005) through semi-structured interviews with experts : human ressources directors, HR consultant, sociologists and psychologists. This paper gives a descreiptive overview about the societal level and organisational level . The results shows that many changes affects the work-family interface which is rather conflictual in Morocco specially for women. The companies has some practices which are informal in the majority.



Vol. 3 No 8 (2021)