Auteur 1 : SIRAGI Fatima Ezzahra

Auteur 2 : FAHMI Sanaa

Keywords :

Boudrayless career, protean career, traditional career, career theory, KCM, post-corporate carrer.


Career management is a field of study that has recently seen the emergence of models that involve a certain fragmentation in the discipline’s body of knowledge, including modern career models, whose emergence has contributed to the enrichment of the discipline, while at the same time creating confusion.

Through this article, we attempt to answer, through a critical literature review, the question: will the classical career model cease to exist in the face of new career models?

In reviewing the various research studies conducted on the subject, we believe that although no one can deny the existence of new career models, the traditional career remains the ideal sought by the majority of employees



Vol. 3 No 8 (2021)